Key Facts About Janitorial Insurance

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It is not particularly easy neither to be a janitor, nor to own a professional cleaning service business. It's not only about the hard work, but also about issues concerning liability. Employees face some challenges such as working at night when buildings are empty, traveling to their workplace and handling fragile items.

Also, they have to be extremely cautious as they get the keys to buildings and use solutions that can leave the floor slippery. One mistake and things can go south fast. This can lead to a lawsuit and threaten the future of the company. That's why you need janitorial insurance.

Here are the key facts you should know about it:

1. They don't always cover hazard to your workers. So if an employee sues for various reasons, this type of insurance won't come to the rescue. Possible attacks or injuries require a different policy called Workers' Compensation.

A janitorial service implies many risks and there is no policy that can deal with them all. This gets really confusing if you barely have any idea concerning this topic. Did you know that some terms and conditions of agreements can be disadvantageous for you?

So you should talk to an insurance specialist and get professional advice to make your business safe and to maintain a good reputation in the field. Then you can rest assured that your business will be covered.

2. General Liability policy is not enough. You will also need Errors & Omissions policy to properly cover all the exposures. It is highly useful to be completely covered.

3. Janitorial Liability Insurance doesn't cover any kind of vehicles. Few policies include vehicles, so ask for more details. Also, make sure you know the difference in terms when it comes to residential and commercial customers as coverage might differ.

4. Janitorial Errors & Omissions Insurance shouldn't be regarded as optional. Sure, you can choose to skip it. But that is a bad call. You might think that is it highly unlikely for your business to need it, but you can never know what could happen.

All humans make mistakes from time to time. Though most of them are unintentional, that won't matter for the injured person or for the business owner with a damaged property. So take care of your business and your clients by taking into account all possible scenarios to avoid tough lawsuits.

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