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Installed Sales Contractor's Insurance Requirements

Commercial General Liability
(A) Minimum Limits:
$300,000 per Each Occurrence
$300,000 General Aggregate Annual (can include umbrella liability limits)
$300,000 Products - Completed/Operations Aggregate

Minimum Limits for Gas and Generator Installers are
$1,000,000/$2,000,000/2,000,000 & Roofing Installers

Commercial Automobile Liability
(A) Any Auto or Scheduled/Hired/Non-Owned (**GL can provide hired & non-owned car coverage)
(B) Minimum Limits:
$300,000 Combined Single Limit(can include umbrella liability
limits)or $100,000 Bodily Injury per Person, $300,000 Bodily
Injury per Accident, and $50,000 Property Damage per Accident

Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability
(A) Statutory Workers' Compensation Coverage
(B) All States Endorsement
(C) Employers Liability Limit
$100,000 each employee
$100,000 each accident
$100,000 policy limit

General Requirements
(A) Additional Insured Language must be as follows (only show coverages that are on the Certificate, i.e. General Liability or Auto/General Liability and Auto):

"Lowe's Companies, Inc. and *any and all subsidiaries are named as an additional insured as respect to General Liability and Automobile Liability."

(Note: The additional insured status under the General Liability policy must not limit or exclude coverage for products/completed operations.) *Substituting Lowe's Companies, Inc., Lowe?s HIW, Inc., and Lowe?s Home Centers, Inc. for ?any and all subsidiaries? is an acceptable alternative to the standard additional insured verbiage.

(B) General Liability and Automobile Liability shall be endorsed to state coverage is primary over any other available insurance coverage.

(C) 30 Days written notice of cancellation, notice of non-renewal or material changes in coverage.

(D) Insurance must be written by an insurance company with a minimum rating of AM Best's B+, VI or its equivalent, satisfactory to Lowe's and duly incorporated in the United States of America.

(E) Most current ISO (Insurance Services Office, Inc.) form for all coverages.

(F) Original Certificate of Insurance (Accord form) to be delivered to Lowe's prior to commencement of any work and/or service.

(G) Certificate Holder Name and Address must read as follows: Lowe's Companies, Inc. Attn: IS Insurance PO Box 1111 N. Wilkesboro, NC 28656

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